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As Montana voters prepare to cast their ballot in the upcoming Senate race in November, few will be aware of the open secret regarding Jon Tester that is scarcely discussed and was never truly investigated.  The information is explosive, and the actions of the Tester Campaign were criminal; yet the facts surrounding the fraud have been either buried or overlooked by the legacy media.

Thankfully, not everyone is a puppet of the corporate machine and some people do have the guts to take a stand and protest tyranny.  One such fellow is Chris Kortlander.  I had the great pleasure of interviewing Chris earlier today and have linked the interview below.


Chris Kortlander is the Founding Director of the Custer Battlefield Museum and owner of the historical town of Garryowen MT; where the Battle of the Little Big Horn began in 1876.  In addition, the town is also the host to the TOMB of a 7th Cavalry US unknown soldier.

For resurrecting the historical town, Chris received the Governors Tourism Ambassador Award.

A former Montana Law enforcement officer, he is now outspoken advocate for victims that have abused and threaten by Dept of the Interior Federal Law Enforcement Agents.

Chris is also the author of the book entitled, Arrow to the Heart which exposes how Senator Jon Tester was elected in a stunning voter scheme and how the Bureau of Land Management Law Enforcement has a “KillBook” and 4 dead bodies




Jon Tester: The Best Senator Money Can Buy
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