In the vastness of what we call space, could there be other life forms like ours?

James White               Critical Disclosure               January 24, 2019


Despite our differences in sex, religion, ethnicity or location, we all likely have one thing in common; we have all, at one time or another, looked into the vast darkness of space and wondered, “what else is out there?”  The question is probably as old as civilization itself, and now it seems that the answer to that ‘age-old’ question is being revealed at a rapid pace.

There is no dispute that various agencies within our government have lost or stolen trillions and trillions of dollars.  However, was it really “lost or stolen,” or was it used to advance our secret space program in ways that our minds, limited in knowledge, cannot even imagine.  There was an article published recently as a result of an FOIA request which revealed the various ‘dark projects’ undertaken by our government.  A link to the article can be found by clicking HERE.

In the companion video to this article linked below, I interview a fine gentleman by the name of Frank Chille, Jr.  To those of you who follow my website and broadcasts, the interview below will be a stark departure from my normal productions.  However, I thought it important to at least get this information out there for review, and let my audience make up their own minds about the possibilities of the information.

So if you have an interest in space travel, Antarctica, Area 51, the crash at Roswell and the colonization of Mars, then hold-on to your seat because you’re in for a wild ride.




Antarctica, Roswell, Area 51, Inter-Galactic Space Travel and More…Frank Chille, Jr.
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