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Exposing the Many Crimes of CPS and Family Court

Online Classes – COVID Makes Medically Kidnapping Children Easier – Direct Access to Your Home

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Editor               Critical Disclosure               August 25, 2020


Brian Shilhavy – Health Impact News


The brave new world of COVID has certainly changed everyone’s lives, for the worse.

Not too long ago homeschooling one’s child meant keeping the child in the safest place possible, far away from those who would intend to do harm, such as require them to get dangerous vaccines, or reporting them to Child Protective Services where often social workers would come to schools and remove the child without the parents even knowing about it.

Homeschooling used to prevent all that, but not anymore. At least not if you are participating in government education.



Last week, for example, it was reported in several media outlets that parents in Tennessee were reporting that they were being forced to sign a waiver stating they will not eavesdrop on their children’s online lessons.

Homes are still the safest place for children, but now we need to add a new disclaimer: Only if you keep the government out of your home through the Internet!


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