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Exposing the Many Crimes of CPS and Family Court

Yes, Child Protective Services has a Kidnapping Quota

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Sylvia Beachy thought she was doing a good job, until she found out that reuniting families hurt her employers bottom-line 

Editor               Critical Disclosure               August 29, 2020


Sylvia Beachy had been working for 12 years as a travel agent, when a friend got her a job working with troubled and displaced youth in a group home.

After working in the group home to gain experience, Sylvia went into case work and was shocked at what happened next.



Soon after working as a case worker, Sylvia faced intimidation, censorship of the truth and falsification of official documentation.

Sylvia joined me recently on my daily radio show to recount her time assisting families and to expose the child-kidnapping quota system.



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