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Heather Wade Survived Foster Care, Now CPS is Gunning for Her Children

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Heather Wade has had the unfortunate distinction of  being on both sides of the dysfunctional, state-run system known as CPS and Foster Care


Editor               Critical Disclosure               August 26, 2020


There is scarcely a worse place for a child to end up than to end up in the clutches of Child Protective Services and the Foster Care System.

Sadly, an ever increasing number of children are ripped from loving homes and thrown to the wolves… and I mean wolves.

With ever increasing drug use and domestic violence, the children of this nation are in a crisis, as is the family in general.



Heather Wade is a survivor.  She has survived abuse, she has survived neglect and she has survived many years in the foster care system.

However, despite her successful struggle to make it into adulthood and out from under the clutches of the state, Heather has suffered lifelong damage.

From her first stint at age 11, to her modern day struggle with CPS to keep her own children, Heather Wade has had nothing less than a challenging and tumultuous life.

Heather had the courage to share her experiences with me recently on my radio show.  Please find the link to the interview below



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