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Exposing the Many Crimes of CPS and Family Court

CPS Corruption in Arizona is Among the Worst in America

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Kidnapping children, violation of due process and locking up parents…all in a day’s work for Arizona CPS and Family Court


Editor               Critical Disclosure               August 29, 2020


As I have stated numerous times on my broadcast, the Arizona CPS and Family Court systems are some of the most corrupt in the Union.

Several parents who I have interviewed on my broadcast are facing lengthy jail terms from the state of Arizona, one parent, Melissa Diegel, is facing 144 years behind bars.



Thankfully, for the good people of Arizona, many activists have begun to notice the out of control corruption in Arizona and they are taking action.

In the video below, I welcome 3 such activists from the state of Arizona.  Collectively, the women who are highlighted below have done as much, or more, than anyone in Arizona to fight CPS and Family Court corruption

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1 thought on “CPS Corruption in Arizona is Among the Worst in America

  1. In 1989, I founded the first grassroots organization in the nation, “Women Fight Back for Legal Abuse,” as the CEO and a survivor, author, and radio host & cable TV host up through 2004. I led marches, protests, and proposed laws that were implemented in Ca. and nationally; produced cable TV shows with victims and am-FM radio shows; however, even after I met with Senator De Camp and informed him about CPS, Family Law, and NAMBLA, he said that the powers that be are so powerful that we must each do our part until one day there are enough people to cause millions of people to fight back against this evil international pedophile ring that involved wealthy people and leaders inside the USA and the world. Well, that time is near and the government can no longer hide all the hard work we’ve done and all the threats we endured and those who died for this cause or were injured to finally stop this multi-billion dollar business using babies and children for human commodities for their personal and financial self-gratification. Vote for President Trump and all GOP in 2020. Our Last Hope to fight for the children. Rose Colombo, author of “Fight Back Legal Abuse”

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