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Exposing the Many Crimes of CPS and Family Court

Michigan Father Gets Video Evidence of CPS Spiking His Urine Test with Meth

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Tim Daniels rented a room for himself and his children, not knowing that he was paying rent in a CPS target house.


Editor               Critical Disclosure               September 11, 2020


Tim Daniels is not too much different than any other single-father.  He wants to protect his children and give them the best that life has to offer.

Sadly, Tim’s plans with his family were interrupted, and changed forever, when he stumbled onto a criminal child-kidnapping ring quarterbacked by the local Child Protective Services corporation.


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Tim was wise enough to begin recording when they called him in for an unannounced drug test; a drug test that was spiked with Meth by the CPS worker. 

Tim took time from work and caring for his children to drop by the show for an interview.  Please take the time to review this explosive interview with Tim Daniels of Michigan.


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